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Rehearsal aids for Chichester Psalms

Here are two rehearsal aids which you might find useful for the Chichester Psalms. There is one “track” for each part (Bass 1, Bass 2, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, etc.) Each track plays that part with enough of the other parts/accompaniment/metronome in the background to let you hear how the part fits in.

Go to: http://www.novachorus.org/music-files/ and scroll down (way down!) to “Chichester Psalms. Bernstein”. For each section:

  • “Track 1” is Movement 1, Part 1 (i.e. Soprano 1)
  • “Track 2” is Movement 1, Part 2 (i.e. Soprano 2)

Click on the desired track to listen (and sing along).

The same thing is available in another format at:


This site has the advantage of letting you adjust the speed of playback and also has a track with all of the parts (labeled “Tutti”).

(Note: Both of the above worked fine on my Windows 7 PC. The first (but not the second) also worked on my iPad. Your mileage may vary!)