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About the Choir

The choir was formed in 2005 through the efforts of Tom Maxwell (Conductor Emeritus), Sharon Watkins (Artistic Director Emeritus), Glenn Williams (Clintonville Community Band), and many others.  In the early years, the choir always performed as part of the Clintonville Community Band concerts, but now performs on its own.  The Choir is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

The choir often performs music by former Clintonville resident John Ness Beck. Mr. Beck, now deceased, was a prolific composer of choral music. He was owner and operator of The University Music House and was a part owner with John Tatgenhorst of Beckenhorst Press, both located in Clintonville.  The choir also does a variety of other choral works, including sacred, Broadway, and Jazz numbers.

Our Artistic Director is Larry Griffin.

Choir Officers
The choir officers for 2023-2024 are.
  • President – Samantha Hunter (Soprano)
  • Secretary – Bob Griner (Tenor)
  • Treasurer – Olivia Mitchem (Alto)
  • Membership Manager – Denise Baumann (Soprano)
  • Community Outreach Manager –  Heather Rebele  (Soprano)
  • Librarian – Sandra Grosko (Alto)

We thank them for all they do to make the choir possible!

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