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Park of Roses Concert SUNDAY!

Sunday is Concert Day!!!!

WHAT TO WEAR – White choir  logo shirt – Kakhi on bottom shorts, skirts, or pants (please no extreme short shorts or skirts think modest)

comfy shoes

5:00 – POTLUCK in shelter house – We hope to get in earlier so we can get started. Friends & Family welcome to potluck. Just adjustand bring more food 

6:00 – MEET at the Gazebo, line up on risers, warm up spot check places in our songs, sound check etc

7:00 – CONCERT TIME   (about 1 hour)

AFTER the concert turn in your music back at the shelter house.

**Stay hydrated on Sunday. Water is best option. Bring bottled water to potluck/

 . The Civitans  provide a cooler of water at the gazebo so you can get/refill.

Bring sunglasses if you are glare sensitive. Sometimes we get the sun in our face at start of concert.

This  concludes our 10th year!

The actual  start up date in September & Holiday Concert in December  will be posted soon. 

Lets Make Music Clintonville!