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Kudos to Clintonville!


Bravo tutti on a wonderful performance Sunday evening!  Our audience (great turnout BTW) loved it and I’m so proud of how you all came together to sing and make music in the always tricky humidity of early August.  It’s great fun to rehearse and make music with you all. 🙂

So what did I learn?  It might be ten years before I ever do Sicut Cervus again!  That was totally my fault on the cue, I think I looked at my music one moment too early before giving the sopranos their part and that’s what caused the problems, although I wonder how many people listening noticed what happened (obviously we did).  Simon Carrington at conference talked about how he never cues singers because he wants them to take ownership of their parts; that said he works with people from Yale and around the world, so ownership is important but the conductor needs to be in top form as well!

I believe (officers please confirm) our holiday concert date is Sunday, December 6th.  If that holds true our first rehearsal back will be Monday, September 28 at Whetstone.  We WOULD have a rehearsal the Monday prior to Thanksgiving.  

In case you’re curious about what the Chichester Psalms sound like, here’s a link for you.  We will sing the first movement of the three for the holiday concert, then the entire thing at the Clintonville Choral Festival on March 18.

Take care!  Enjoy the rest of your summer.